Fortune With Ye

How can you win games of chance if you're cursed with permanent bad luck?

Push the items around the islands to pass through the gates. Be creative! Remember, each item could be used in more than one puzzle...

If you need a hint to solve a puzzle, watch the trailer below:

WASD - Move

Space - Jump

Shift - Run

E - Interact


Art, Programming: snuffysam

Music: RK Studios

Sound Effects: Soundsnap, Brandon Morris, David McKee (ViRiX)

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags3D Platformer, Physics, Pirates, Puzzle-Platformer


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manged to  float up by running against the card pile, it really needs something to make moving the magnet around easier.

Yeah, the magnet is a weird shape for an item... definitely one of the more difficult items to move around. I tried to mitigate it by putting extra poles to stop the magnet from falling into the water, idk how well it worked though lol.

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Game wont play through app as well as on the website version the mouse isnt locked meaning you cant look around without needing to move your mouse back into frame. Another thing, the heart thing with the cards, Im not sure if its part of the game but the heart card fell into the water 

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I've never used the app. What happens when you try to run it?

I'll try to figure out the cursor lock issue, though for now you can force the game to cursor lock by tabbing out & tabbing back in & clicking the frame.

Did the heart card not respawn after falling into the water? If it didn't, where did it fall?

For some reason Im not able to add a picture to this but whats going on is a unity loading thing but this is a known bug and happened to a few other games i have tried, Im not sure why it happens though, as well as the card didn't respawn and just fell into the water right beside the heart card, I didnt play much after that though do to the mouse thing making it to hard to play so it could have respawned without me realizing it.

The face-down cards? Those don't respawn, yeah. You don't need them to complete the puzzle :p

The Ace of Hearts card is required to complete the puzzle, so if *that* one doesn't respawn, that's a bigger issue.

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No, I believe that it was the ace of hearts that fell into the water and disappeared, it was the only red card, what i was meaning by "just fell into the water right beside the heart card" was the water near where the cards spawning, I wasnt meaning for any confusion

There are two Diamond cards in the pile, which intentionally don't respawn.

So just to be clear - you got up to the roof, you took the Ace of Hearts down to the island, then the Ace of Hearts card fell into the water near where the other deck of cards was, and the Ace of Hearts card didn't respawn on the roof?