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For some reason I cant play the game even with opening it with java it just says start game then i try to start the game but it doesn't start.

Does a second window open?

Your game looks good, but how do I install it?

Just download the game, unzip the folder, and run "Super Smash BS.jar".

Depending on your computer, you may have to install java first.



Glad to hear it!

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I'm running this with Java Se Platform Binary. I can navigate the menu but when I try to start a match it takes ages to load and then it just stops at 100%. Am I supposed to be running this with something else and if not do you now why it won't load because my laptop can handle more complicated games?

What characters are you using? And what sort of computer are you running this on?

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It happens with any character and my laptop is an Acer Aspire E 15

I am using the SSBS.jar file, not the Super Smash BS.jar as when I use that one it says there isn't enough meomory although I am only using 30% of my maximum memory

The game is using barely any memory because you ran it outside of the launcher. Launching through the SSBS.jar file runs the game in the default memory for Java, which is lower than what the game needs to run - hence why matches don't load.

The launcher should be reading the amount of memory left on your computer, but I've found that different computers don't report their available memory accurately. I haven't tested the launcher with an Acer Aspire, so this is probably the issue. Still, it could actually be a problem with the amount of memory you have available...

Try running SSBS.jar through the command line using this command:

java -Xmx1024 -jar /full/path/to/game/SSBS.jar

...with the path to where you put the file replacing the placeholder text. If the game runs properly with that code, that means that the launcher is bugged.

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I have managed to open it but it wasn't through the command. I opened the SSBS.jar file and then opened the Super Smash BS.jar file after and for some reason when I pressed start game it opened. So I closed the SSBS.jar tab that opened and tried to play but it semi worked. The levels now load but they crash after being open for about 10 seconds. I couldn't figure out how to do the command line as it kept saying unable to access java file so I must have went wrong somewhere. I'm going to see if I can figure anything else out. Thanks for trying to help me fix it though.

Edit: Before when I was testing and it crashed my volume was turned down, I was trying things out now and found out that when it crashes the music still plays in the background.

Edit Edit: I just going to assume that this is happening due to my laptop. I have got two java error codes but don't understand them. Also before it crashes all the text on screen disappears. This also happens if I go into the options menu to change the button layout as well.

"Unable to access java file" means you typed in the path wrong- the part you were supposed to replace "full/path/to/game" with. The path to the file will probably lead to somewhere in your downloads folder. What did you type instead there?

I've never heard of a crash during play- crashes during loading as you described are common, but unless you're using the Koopalings, nothing loads while matches are playing. The memory used should stay constant throughout a match.

If the game crashes, the music will continue to play until the error goes away and the game closes. If it's still playing after the game is closed, something is very wrong. Are you sure you actually closed out that first SSBS.jar file?

What are the java error codes? Sure, you don't understand them, but I might, and I can't troubleshoot if you don't tell me everything.

Are you saying that the game crashes when you go into the options menu? I can't think of any reason why that would happen, unless you deleted the font files or your save file. The most likely explanation is that having two copies of the game open made one version of the game modify the save file while the other version was using it... but still, that's pretty weird.

is it multiplayer??

Yes, it is multiplayer. Up to four players can play at once.